Grom world – Stanley Arthur Hall


Meet Stan Hall. How do I describe Stan? I guess I will start with stats. Stan is 17, a “responsible teen” and also a respectable member of the Sennen surf school elite team. A surfer/skater who gets himself in to some truly… interesting situations. I won’t go in to details all you have to know is if your going out to town with Stan, maybe take some time to get in to the right head space, have a cup of tea, or maybe say goodbye to your loved ones. Anyway enough of the analysis lets meet the man himself.

Why do you surf Sennen a lot?

“I like to surf Sennen a lot because I like the locals and know a lot of people who also class Sennen as there home break. There’s always a good atmosphere at Sennen, no one really gets too agro, there are plenty of waves there and the banks can get real fun. It’s siickkk.”

No.1 Surfer buddy?

“Number 1 surf buddy, I would have to say my friend Connor; he is always so amped up and focused. Me being me, I get excited easily and tend to mess around and go off focus, if I surf with Connor I manage to stay on track and actually get some decent waves in. I guess him being a better surfer than me is always pushing me harder to try and catch up.”

Favorite surf to date?

“My favorite surf to date? Probably early February this year, Praa Sands just a few miles away from Sennen, was a light offshore breeze with a nice head high swell. I guess I was just in one of those moods where everything was going right for me.”