Grom world – Jake Sage


Introducing mr Jake Sage. Jake takes surfing seriously; he will work on a maneuver with a tenacity that scares even me sometimes. He nails new airs and brings more and more power to his turns every day. That’s not to say Jake is a dull member of the team. Always ready for a laugh and a serious pain in the arse whenever he gets the chance. He’s one of those people you can’t help but love. So here is my meeting with sixteen year old Jake sage. Enjoy.

What are you surfing at the minute?

“Umm well I was on a 5’4 Hawkins but I broke that yesterday.”

Really how did you manage that?

“I was practicing my airs and I landed on the flats and creased it to shit haha so I’m surfing whatever is kicking around. “

Ok, who is your number one surf buddy?

“Isaac. No wait Conner, actually Isaac. Or Conner. Umm both. Haha.”

What was the most adventurous surf of your life?

“ Maybe in Morocco. Me and Isaac walked off around a cliff because we needed the toilet and you had to pay for the toilets and we were broke. So we got around the cliff and did our business (with more than a little difficulty and less than a lot of toilet paper) It wasn’t until after that we realized there were a couple Moroccan dudes watching us. So we ran away in to the sea and ended up having a pretty good surf haha. “