futures fins

futurtes fins

K1 Honeycomb

The K1 Keel fin is Future’s classic Keel Fin design. The Honeycomb material with the iconic wood inlay give the K1 a medium flex pattern and the big, old-school template generates rail-to-rail speed down the line and provides hold through direction changes. The K1 Keel is the iconic match up with your retro-fish. £75


size: Fit to board
height: 5.07" base: 6.65" area: 25.53"²


John John Techflex

The John John Florence Techflex signature fin was designed by John to be a larger compliment to the F4 template. The lightweight Techflex material and responsive flex pattern proves to be the ideal choice for one of the most progressive, high performance surfers in the world. This balanced fin hosts a medium base that carries through to a medium tip and is John John’s weapon of choice in all conditions. £90


size: Medium (145lbs – 195lbs)
side fins: height: 4.56" base: 4.45" area: 14.98"²
center fin: height: 4.52" base: 4.42" area: 14.90"²


The Rob Machado signature fin was designed by California style-master with a combination of carbon and bamboo materials, giving this fin a slightly stiffer flex pattern compared to the Blackstix while the V2 foil helps in generating speed. Machado’s fin has a balanced template, allowing it to perform in a variety of conditions. £90


size: medium (145lbs – 195lbs)
side fins: height: 4.57" base: 4.45" area: 15.23"²
center fin: Height: 4.41" center: 4.31" area: 14.24"²


AM2 Honeycomb

The AM2 Honeycomb combines the large Al Merrick template with a medium flex pattern, making this fin a versatile option for bigger surfers in comparison to the Techflex and Fiberglass models. The AM2 Honeycomb fin is designed to perform in a variety of conditions and has a wide base for drive off of the bottom, more rake for big carves and a finer tip for release off of the top. £70


side fins: height: 4.73" base: 4.64" area: 15.98"²
center fin: height: 4.49" base: 4.63" area: 15.32"²

Rasta Quad

The Rasta Quad is freesurfing style master Dave Rastovich’s go-to Quad Setup in small-to-medium sized surf. The flex of the honeycomb material combined with a V2 foil on the front fins help to generate speed, while the relatively small rear fins provide release, giving this Quad a performance feel. £100


size: Medium
front fins: height: 4.44" base: 4.31" area: 14.72"²
rear fins: height: 3.79" base: 3.78" area: 11.03"²


MB2 5-fin

The MB2 5-fin is designed by …Lost designer Matt Biolos is a combination of a stiff, drivey thruster designed to provide stability and hold through turns for the larger surfer and a Quad option designed to thrive in his small-wave fun board designs. The wider base of the Quad rears provides hold in wide-tailed boards while the thruster set is ideal for performance surfing. £120


size: Large (180lbs +)
front/center: height: 4.65" base: 4.50" area: 15.45"²
rear fins: height: 4.22" base: 4.21" area: 12.75"²