Get surf fit with Carve’s resident fitness guru Lee Stanbury. All you need to start is the Surf Fitness Book>> and some Powercords>>.

As we move on you may need a Swiss Ball, an Indo board, and resistance bands, but we will keep equipment to a minimum. This is the programme that Ben Skinner followed to his number two in the world finish. It is easy to follow, cheap, surf specific and it works! So what are you waiting for?

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Each week we will post your new programme, and you can ask questions and advice at any point.

Meet your coach: Lee Stanbury Click on the links below to see the fitness training tips:
Lee Stanbury is the strength and conditioning coach to aerial wizard Oli Adams and longboard supreme Ben Skinner. He is the author of The Complete Guide to Surf Fitness and Carve’s fitness guru. He is a qualified personal trainer and GP refferal consultant for advanced exercise prescription. A successful chief swimming coach with over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry, Lee is currently developing and fitness training program that will prepare the under 18’s GB surf team for the forth coming world champs.

He has been surfing for 15 years, inventor of PowerStroke cords with is now being used by 100s of surfers and swimmers across the Globe and also runs

Build your aerobic strength Click here

Improve your strength and endurance Click here

Boost your core strength Click here

Your top 10 tips to get your surf fitness started Click here

This is a good starter, it’s very basic but will get your ball rolling. For additional tips on exercise tips check out the Complete Guide to Surf fitness. Follow my advice weekly and find out how to progress effectively so that by spring you should ready for anything.

Monday Aerobic training (Click here)

Core training (Click here)

Resistance training (Click here)

30 mins

15 mins

20 mins

Tuesday Rest day

Wednesday Aerobic trainingCore training

Resistance training

30 mins15mins

20 mins

Thursday Rest day
Friday Aerobic trainingCore training 30 mins15 mins

Anybody with high blood pressure, back problems, or any other medical conditions should consult there doctor before proceeding, CARVE and Lee Stanbury are not responsible for any injury’s that may be caused while following this training program.