Firewire Surfboards 2015

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5’8” x 21 1/2” x 2 5/8”

(31.5 litres)

Fins: Thruster/Quad

Shaper: Dan Mann

This design features a double barrel concave running from nose to tail. It has the same ‘double barrel through the fins’ as on the Sweet Potato, Baked Potato, and the Potatonator, and trusting that there can’t be too much of a good thing, we went ahead and extended that feature all the way forward. This adds to the board’s sensitivity under front foot loading. The other unique feature is a dramatic reduction in the foil/thickness starting around the mid-point of the board and continuing out the tail. As a result, the noticeably thin tail on the Double Agent allows for very sensitive rail to rail turns and an extra pop of flex when you unload at the completion of a turn. The thicker foil up front preserves elevated paddle power and keeps the float under your chest.


5’3” x 21 1/4” x 2 3/8”

(32.4 litres)

Fins: Quad

Shaper: Dan Mann

The Baked Potato offers the same small wave performance as the Sweet Potato with a few design adjustments. The nose is pulled in slightly and some of the rail volume has been removed to allow for even faster rail to rail transfers. The Baked Potato has aggressive double concaves and ‘V-spline’ running down the center of the board which allows the board to get up on the rail much faster than the overall design would indicate. Primarily designed for smaller, weaker conditions, the Baked Potato will surprise you by it’s performance characteristics, and how the quad fins set further back and closer to the rail than usual, allow the board to hold without sliding, even in larger surf. Get cooking on a Baked Potato.


5’6” x 18 5/8” x 2 1/2”

(30.5 litres)

Fins: Thruster/Quad

Shaper: Daniel Thomson

The Vader represents the current pinnacle of Daniel ‘Tomo’ Thomson’s Modern Planing Hull (MPH) Vision. Dan describes the Vader as a Mind Surfing Machine, which reacts instantaneously to desired directional changes with incredible bursts of speed. Controlled, drawn out carves and radical tight angle snaps are achievable with an effortless and intuitive shift in a surfer’s weight. In addition, paddle power and generally usability have been increased with a larger volume distribution throughout comparative to the Vanguard, which encourages surfers to ride the Vader even shorter than previously considered functional. The Vader ticks all the boxes and is a stand out performer from waist high to double overhead. Experience the future of high performance surfing!


6’0” x 19” x 2 7/16”

(28.1 lires)

Fins: Thruster

Shaper: Jon Pyzel

The Spartan was developed by Jon Pyzel and Michel Bourez and represents Michel’s world tour weapon. the Spartan maintains drive and speed through flatter sections. The single concave throughout adds to the speed and the subtle hip in the tail makes it easy to redirect. The slightly pulled in tail gives bite and drive through turns, and true to Michel’s style, the Spartan loves big carves in powerful waves, but still feels great in weaker surf. A great board for everyday sessions in all kinds of waves.


5’9” x 17 5/8” x 2 1/2”

(30.2 litres)

Fins: Thruster/Quad

Shaper: Dan Mann

The Cornice combines Firewire’s board building expertise with design collaborator Dan Mann and Eduardo Cenzano from Trinity Technologies interpretation of an effective side-cut design for surfing. The side cut shifts volume from the middle of the board towards the tail, leading to the most effective area in contact with the water. The board literally displaces less water, leading to minimal friction and increased speed that is noticeable. Dan Mann explains further, “With such a narrow design, it takes less force and time to tip the board on its rail. That fast twitch sensitivity, especially on late drops or hollow waves, is where you feel the side cut really engage, and the wide tail still allows for speed in the flats.”


5’8” x 20” x 2 1/2”

(32.4 litres)

Fins: Thruster/Quad

Shaper: Matt Biolos

The world’s all-time best selling fish model. Still goes fast, still allows hard carving turns, still allows a wide range of performance in varied surf, still paddles great … still makes you look good. Designed with low overall rocker and a central concave for lift, into a spiral vee in tail, for control. The RNF5 features a wider tail and 5 fin setup for playing with a multitude of fin options. Everyone should own one.