Fins Guide 2012


Mick Fanning’s signature tri fin set. Using multi directional carbon on the inside foil for maximum response and pivot.

Carbon Fibre fins

This is a serious fin for the power surfers out there: a medium/large template with flat sided foils combined with the stiffness of Carbon ensure maximum power and drive. If you are serious about laying some rail and chucking buckets of spray, you need these in your board. The twin tab base is compatible with any FCS plug system or the advanced Surfinz system that we use in all Tiki boards – stronger and with the added bonus of ¼” movement forward and back.

Futures Fins
Honeycomb WCT

A unique upright template making the fin very fast and pivoty. Designed for tight vertical snaps and critical surfing. Lightweight hexagonal core. Gives the fin the feel of glass-ons. Engineered with a medium flex pattern, stiffer than Blackstix but more flexible than glass and Techflex.

Futures Fins
Techflex YU

Our smaller template for the large sized light footed surfer. The large base is designed for power off the bottom and thin tip for fin free manoeuvres. A mix of honeycomb and carbon construction allows the fin to open out so the cant will increase as the fin flexes in the middle (where there is no carbon). This enables the fin to generate more lift. The carbon in the tip makes the tip extremely responsive.

Futures Fins
Quad Rasta

Co-designed with one of the world’s best free surfers, this V2 quad set was created for high performance surfing. These fins are made with renewable bamboo, which provides a lively flex pattern, and are wrapped in symbolic art provided by Rasta. A medium sized template that performs in a variety of conditions. The Quad set up with a medium base and tip allow you to generate more drive and stay on rail. A portion of the profits are donated to Surfers For Cetaceans.

PC-3 Bamboo

This thrusters set uses a Bamboo core with a stiff carbon base to give a more lively flex pattern and remarkable tip response. These are also available to suit surfers of up to 80kg (PC5 Bamboo) and those over 85kg (PC7 Bamboo)


Al Merricks Performance Core Tri Fin set in his tried and tested original template with a smaller centre fin offering quick release through turns.


Performance Core with stiff carbon base plus dynamic stabilising trailer fin. Mark Richards progressive template for twin, super twin or fish set ups. Also available in Performance Glass (PG) Fibreglass construction and Glass Flex materials.