Deus Ex Machina Boardshorts 2015

eus Ex MachinaRip Curl

Tugu Mr Grieves


17” leg fixed waist board short, double eyelet detail, contrast waistband, yardage print, 5.4Oz two way stretch 98 percent cotton 2 percent Spandex all treated with an enzyme and soften wash.

Halfbar Surfers


A 15.5” leg, fixed-waist front , elasticated back board short with double eyelets, contrast panels, peached 70 percent cotton / 30 percent nylon build and a light enzyme wash. Designed and tested at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm, Canggu, Bali.

Sandbar Surfers


16” Leg elastic waist board short, contrast 100 percent cotton chambray waistband, yardage print, peached 70 percent cotton 30 percent nylon.