Carve Winter Wetsuit Guide 2012

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New for winter 2012 and now the pinnacle of the Xcel range. The major feature of this suit is the introduction of Powerseam. It’s a machine welded seam with a thin bead seal which means that there is now no restrictive stitching on the major seams. Xcel say you will not find a better wetsuit on the market… And they know their stuff. £390


Infiniti x-Zip2

The Infiniti has been in the Xcel range since day one, but this year it has had an overhaul. The new metallic tape has a higher sheen

to make it both more comfortable and more durable, and the upper body has been totally redesigned so it is now possible to have a single piece of tape seal running from wrist to wrist. No joins, no junctions, no problems. £270

x-FLEX X-ZiP 2

On first look the X-Flex is easily mistaken for the Infiniti and for good reason. Xcel have worked hard to make this suit the best value for money possible. Features include minimal seams, X-Zip 2 entry and bamboo lining. Less money and no compromise on performance, what more could you want? £200

M’s R3 Back-Zip Full Suit

The wear-it-a-couple-of-mill thinner wettie is now a well established member of the winter wettie line up. The R3 is as toastie as your 5/3, and less rubber equals less weight and bigger punts. Fact. Plus the build quality is as good as it gets so you shouldn’t be looking for a new winter wettie again this time next year…£419

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E-Bomb Pro chest zip

The Pro Level E3+ has 30% more stretch than E3. This year Rip Curl have added more E3+ action panels with one massive panel that runs through the arms and back, and new action panels around the knees. The stretch performances of the new E3+ hand tape are superior to a Liquid Taped seam giving the surfer the longevity and integrity of seam seal with 120% more stretch. So even more performance for even longer!£260


Flash bomb
The Flash bomb incorporates flash lining which is an exclusive new weave technology with two engineered layers – the first layer is designed so water passes through it directly into the second layer. The second layer then funnels the water rapidly out of the suit once it is hung. As well as the rapid dry time the Flash Lining is also one of the warmest, most comfortable linings available. £320

FLasH BOMB plus

The Flash bomb plus typifies Rip Curl’s “Dry fast, Surf more” ethos, but with bonus features… It uses Titanium Airlock E3, a neoprene with a unique air chamber construction, which is the ultimate insulator keeping you warmer, lighter and more flexible. Then Titanium on either side of the air chambers to lock in your body heat. Job done.£400

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After the success of the F.U.Z.E entry in the Psycho RG8 series in 2010, O’Neill’s Area 52 team have incorporated the same entry for the new SuperFreak series. With GBS seam construction and a super-flexible combination of Ultraflex DS and FluidFlexTM materials, the Superfreak keeps water out, and keeps you warm… £145



The Psycho 1 is back again for some minimal seam madness. Built with Techno Butter neoprene and ultra-minimal seam styling,

it offers unrestricted mobility, enhanced durability and incredible fit, and will raise your performance level to new heights. With the patented Z.E.N zip entry which featuring a pullover internal neck seal that blocks out all water for maximum performance and minimal drippage… £200


The Psycho 2 was known for warmth, flexibility and superior fit. For 2012 it’s evolved into

the Psycho 3 and has been upgraded to the exclusive Techno Butter Neoprene. Combined with XDS-Air Firewall in the chest and back, and double super seam weld, the Psycho

3 will keep you warm and loose. The latest evolution from Area 52 continues to be an industry leader and keeps you performing at the top of your game… 4/3mm £280 5/3mm £290


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The Syncro is the first entry level series

of suits made exclusively with 100% Hyperstretch II material, making it much more flexible than many other entry level suits

on the market. It also has Quiksilver’s HFT (Hollow Fibre Technology) heating system

in the chest panel and the Hydroshield zip barrier. £140



The Cypher is available in two entry systems, chest zip or back zip. Both featuring Fiberlite, biofleece thermal neoprene and Quiksilver’s flexmax seal seam sealing. Add to that the new and improved bead lock seal, thermal smoothie and hydroshield in the back zip, and you have one of the warmest, most flexible and lightest weight cold water suits available. £260


Chyper Hooded

The Cypher is available with a chest zip entry system and features Fiberlite, biofleece thermal neoprene and Quiksilver’s flexmax seal seam sealing. Add to that the new

and improved bead lock seal and thermal smoothie, and you have one of the warmest, most flexible and lightest weight cold water suits available. £270


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The Extremeflex offers the ultimate in winter suit warmth – the entire suit has been engineered to ensure that you’ve still got plenty left in the tank as your session goes on… Features include Mesh Skin front and back, slant chest zip for easy entry and improved fit, and some fireskin goodness to keep your warmth in. £240




This entry level offering from Onda has all of the essential ingredients to ensure that you’re getting amongst it this winter. There’s external GBS, Onda’s Optimal Stretch Advance system and a double lock collar. £90



The Zipflex is a performance/comp suit which strikes the perfect balance between ultimate flexibility and warmth. There’s an external liquid seal, full fireskin body and legs for maximum warmth, and an essential for keeping that February water at bay: a chest zip. £260



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This is the exact wetsuit that Cotty wore on that XXL wave in Mullaghmore last March. Introduced last winter, it was designed to withstand the most extreme winter conditions and has been proven by the Tiki team. The Zepha features all the industry’s best materials including Limestone Neoprene and Liquid Seal. Tiki say: “This is no transparent marketing BS – in 2009 we went back to the drawing board to design the best fitting suit on the market. This is it.”£249


Body Glove’s CT is a true winter beater designed to keep you in there as the sleet and snow comes down. The CT Fullsuit features 100% Magna Flex throughout, a Thermolite chest, anatomically cut panels, and spot tape on seam intersections. Bring it on.£240


The Prime is packing plenty for the grimmer months, with heaps of advanced features. You’re looking at Pryo insulation from the chest down, a high performance super stretch EVO flex composite blend of materials, and Vaporlock seams with 100% exterior Fluid Seal.£250

Onyx Voltage 6/5

ION’s Onyx Voltage wetsuit has been completely revised with surfers in mind. It’s a double lined, premium class suit, with liquid seams, a front zip construction and surf driven panel layout. There’s eco credentials too through the use of recycled polyester, and for super warmth the Helio-Plush thermal lining will make sure you are toasty warm – even on the harshest of winter days.£379

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4-Flez 5/4/3mm

New for 2013 Osprey have introduced a neck entry suit with a front zip closure to their range. Offering great all over comfort and durability, with flexibility further enhanced by the use of super stretch upper body zones around the collar, armpits and shoulders. Triple glued and blindstitched and with all new graphics. £170

Flo-Tech 5/4/3mm

The Flo–Tech is Osprey’s classic all round back zip winter suit. Offering great flex and featuring Ergonomic Panel Design which greatly increases comfort and also enhances the full body wetsuit’s durability and warmth. The Flo-Tech uses Osprey’s superstretch fabric and is triple glued and blindstitched as standard. £120


c-Crest 5/4/3mm

With an ergonomically designed female panel layout, the new Osprey C-Crest is super comfortable with superstretch triple glued and blindstitched neoprene and is further enhanced by a chest and back windproof mesh which prevents chilly winds from affecting body temperature. Plus there are stylish graphics and fresh colours as always from Osprey. £120

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hot wired

The Hot Wired is the favourite for C–Skin team riders like Fergal Smith who surf seriously cold waters. The Hot Wired builds on the Wired’s features with new and exclusive coloured Power Seams, Future Fit, QuickDri 15 Poly Pro lining and a totally stitchless construction which gives the rider every one of C-Skins exclusive innovations.£299


This is the suit that Kieren Perrow (Pipemaster 2011 winner) wears. KP’s input, as well as that of many other team riders through the years, has shaped and moulded the Wired into C-Skins most successful and best recognised wetsuit. With LQS Liquid Seam, FireCore PP lining and the Enigma chest zip. £240


Maximum performance and features without the price tag serve to make this suit pretty legendary. The Legend FZ features a diagonal front zip, 40% C-Flex Ultra Stretch neoprene plus glued and blindstitched seams. So basically all the top-end schniz for £145.£145

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This year’s entry level suit from Billabong features AX2 Airlite Superflex neoprene, strategic seam and panel placement, horizontal dislocating chest zip entry and internal welded stress point reinforcement. So plenty enough to keep you smiling through even the darkest moments of the winter months. 4/3mm £130, 5/4mm £150


The REVOLUTION is made with a Superflex AXR neoprene, Recycled polyester jersey laminated to our AIRLITE sponge core,

with strategic seam and panel placement for optimum flexibility. Combined with Furnace thermal lining on the back and 80% welded seam, the Revolution is the best compromise flexibility and warmth at an economical price. 4/3mm £175, 5/4mm £185


The SG5 combines all of the top-end design elements at a competitive price. It utilises Billabong’s exclusive AX1 Superflex neoprene, double welded sealed seams and internal Drymax furnace quick dry lining in the chest, kidney and back panels. Designed with one thing in mind: “keeping you flexible and warm every session.” 4/3mm £240, 5/4mm £260


The SGX is all about lightweight performance and utilises Billabong’s exclusive AX1 Superflex neoprene, combined with innovative features which serve to make a wetsuit that feels like a second skin. This year’s SGX is

the lightest and most flexible yet and utilises strategic seam placement for optimum flexibility. 4/3mm £280, 5/4mm £300


Solution Xero

The Xero is Billabong’s premium cold water wetsuit designed to be worn in the coldest harshest conditions. The combination of Billabong’s new and exclusive AX1 Superflex neoprene, internal Drymax furnace quick dry lining throughout, and Xero stitchless welded seams, makes for an incredibly advanced, incredibly warm and incredibly flexible performance wetsuit. 4/3mm £320, 5/4mm £340


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The Reflex is Alder’s mid-range suit. It uses “X” stretch on the upper body which helps paddle flexibility, there’s an Aerocore thermal lining inside the chest to maintain core body temperature, and an adjustable rolled glide skin collar to stop those cold winter flushes. 5/3 £130

evo fire

The Evo Fire is 100% “X” stretch neoprene to ensure that you have the snuggest and warmest fit and has 90% liquid seal on the seams to ensure a long leek free life. There’s an Aerocore thermal lining inside the front, back and lumbar panels to maintain core body temperature, and raw cuffs with liquid seal strips inside to prevent water flush. 5/3 £220; £250 with hood

Sabotage 2

The Sabotage 2 is a made to measure wetsuit (Also available in stock sizes) with Ultra span neoprene through out for maximum flexibility, interlocking 1/2 ‘Y’ flap water barrier panel GBS seams. This wetsuit is constructed to the highest standards that you would expect from a Snugg built-British hand made product. We do not under spec our neoprene and we build them to last. Available in 5/4/3mm, 4/3mm & 3/2mm. Made in Cornwall for British surfers
From £245

Mini Zip, “Hot One Extreme”

The “Hot One Extreme” is a made-to-measure wetsuit with a fitted hood that is constructed from mega stretch neoprene with a cell titanium inner. It also has aero zirconium hollow fibre fleece yarn on the body and the upper leg, and uses limestone based neoprene as the ultimate thermo barrier coupled with Mega Stretch 4000 for maximum heat retention and flexibility. This wetsuit is constructed to the highest standards that you would expect from Snugg.£390

UK and Ireland Wetsuit Retailers

Here’s a list of surf shops around the UK and Ireland who are there to help you.

King Of WaterSpOrtS

King Of Watersports offers an unrivalled choice of wetsuits from every single premium surf brand; Quiksilver, Billabong, O’Neill, Rip Curl, Xcel, Neil Pryde, just to name a few! King of Watersports also offer free delivery on wetsuits.
Tel: 01202 763675
Email: [email protected]


The Wetsuit Centre

The Wetsuit Centre holds the largest range of biggest stocks of wetsuits in the country at unbeatable prices. The Wetsuit Centre also offers a Free NEXT DAY delivery service on all wetsuits ensuring you hit the water when the swell does.
Tel: 01202 302943
Email: [email protected]
Address: 42 Sea Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth, Dorset,
England BH5 1BW


Water sports specialists in Dorset. Stocking a great range of summer wetsuits and rashvests for guys, girls and kids from O’Neill, Gul and Rip Curl.
Tel: 01425 275111
Email: [email protected]
Address: 402 Lymington Road, Highcliffe, Dorset BH23 5HE


WeSt cOaSt Surf

We are a beachside surf shop with Wetsuits by Rip Curl, Animal, Patagonia, Hurley, Alder, C-Skins. Check the website
Tel: 01758 713067
Email: [email protected]
Address: Abersoch, Gwynedd LL53 7AP


Tiki Surf Shops

Europe’s largest range of surf hardware, instore and online. Wetsuits by Tiki, Patagonia, O’Neill and Rip Curl. Surfboards by Tiki, McKee, Hydroflex, Southpoint, NSP and more. Plus factory outlet store for ex-demo and end of line bargains!
Tel: +44 ( 0) 1271 815757
Email: [email protected]
Address: Caen Street, Braunton, N.Devon, EX33 1AA


SunSet Surf

Independent, family-run surf shop. Right next to the beach on Gwithian Towans. Expert advice, in-store and online, from surfers for surfers. Wetsuits, boards and clothing from C-Skins, Quiksilver, Roxy, Rusty & FCS.
Tel: 01736 755007
Email: [email protected]
Address: 10 Gwithian Towans, Gwithian, Cornwall TR27 5BT

shop on the beach

An outstanding range of summer and winter O’Neill and Patagonia wetsuits plus expert advice – buy in store or online.
Tel: 01637 860051
Address: Shop on the Beach, On the Beach, Watergate Bay, Cornwall TR8 4AA

Sessions Surf Shop

Falmouth’s Independent Surf Shop, We offer a wide range of wetsuits from Alder, Billabong and O’neill, If you need a wetsuit then come and get fitted by one of our friendly and experienced staff. We also have surfboards from Spider, Rusty, JS, Cortez and a huge selection of bodyboards and all the surf accessories you could possibly need, all under one roof.
Tel: 01326 21115
Email: [email protected]
Address: 26 church street, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR113EG

dOWn the Line Surf cOmpany Ltd

The UK’s premier wetsuit stockist over 18 years as the UK’s number 1 hardware store. Expert advise from experienced staff. Free delivery – speak
to the professionals. Rip Curl, Billabong, O’Neill, Xcel, Alder
and Patagonia. Tel: 01736 757025 Email: [email protected] Web: Address: Market Square Arcade, Copperhouse, Hayle, Cornwall TR27 4EA

Zuma Jay

Here at Zuma Jay all we do is surf. We only stock the best quality wetsuits and equipment from the leading surf manufacturers and we cater for all abilities. You have to be a surfer to work at Zuma Jays and for the reason we will give you excellent and friendly advice.
Tel: 01288 354956
Email: [email protected]
Address: Belle Vue Lane, Bude, North Cornwall EX23 8BR



Surfdock is Irelands leading wetsuit retailer, stocking a huge range of wetsuits in all sizes for men, women and children.
Email: [email protected]
Address: Grand Canal Dockyard, Ringsend, Dublin 4


West Sussex


Massive range of wetsuits on display in our store and online with Europe largest O’Neill wetsuit showroom at our East Wittering store. Other brands include Billabong, Rip Curl, C-SKINS and Animal.
Tel: 01243 674830
Email: [email protected]
Address: 20 Shore Road, East Wittering, West Sussex
PO20 8DZ

Wittering Surf Shop

The biggest selection of Xcel wetsuits and accessories on the south coast. New for winter 2011- Patagonia and West wetsuits. Keep warm this winter with Wittering Surf Shop.
Tel: 01243 672292
Email: [email protected]
Address: Wittering Surf shop, 13 Shore Road, East Wittering, West Sussex PO20 8DY