Alder Retro & Longboard Guide 2015

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Showroom: Lewdown, Okehampton, Devon, EX20 4PJ


Specifications:8′ x 22″ x 3″ • RRP: £379

If you like the classic Wooden Veneer look go no further, nothing will touch the finish of these boards for the price! Finished with a relaxed rocker for ease of paddling and nice soft rails for forgiveness, these boards enter waves early and perform with style. All come with 2+1 set up (larger fin in the centre and two side bites) and will make great entry level and every day use longboards for those keen to catch ripples.


Specifications: 5’8″ x 21 ½” x 3″ • RRP: £359

Ideal summer board when the waves get small and mushy. Wider and fatter than your average board, with flatter rocker and fuller nose. The five fin set up means you can choose a combination to suit the day and your style.


Specifications: 9′ x 22 ¾” x 3″ • RRP: £525

The “Salt” is a range of classic looking resin tinted boards with lengths from 7’ 6” mini mals to 9’ 2” longboards. Beautifully crafted to show off the deep resin tint finish the boards look great and are built to fly. Subtle single concave to flat to double concave in the tail, along with refined pinched rails.