Rusty Surfboards 2015

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6’0” x 18 7/8” x 2 5/16’’

(26.7 litres)

Shaper: Nigel Semmens

Fins: Thruster

Part of the Kerrlection series, this is Josh’s go to competition board. Built for conditions the world over, from point breaks to beach breaks and everything in between. The Kerrosover has a single concave bottom, a performance rail, and Kerr’s performance rocker. We have added volume under the chest for extra paddle power, as well as a little width overall so Josh can execute his arsenal of manoeuvres. Derived from the Jokerr DNA the Kerrosover is built to go!

Grim Ripper

5’9” x 19 1/4” x 2 5/16”

(26 litres)

Shaper: Nigel Semmens

Fins: Thruster

The Grim Ripper concept was to develop a user-friendly, performance groveller that literally tears apart waves. Rusty collaborated with team rider Jake Halstead on the design, and feedback has been stellar. The Magic Door outline, rocker and rails and the back half has been modified with more tail flip, thinned out foils and a double flyered rounded square pod enabling you to turn harder and sharper in the average surf. The planshape has been geared more towards a high performance groveller and you can ride it 2-4 inches shorter than most.

Rusty Dozer

5’10” x 19.56” x 2.37”

(29 litres)

Shaper: Nigel Semmens

Fins: Thruster

Walking the line between a fishy slab and a performance short board, the Dozer packs about as much volume as possible into the traditional shortboard outline, with a couple unique tweaks that keep it lively. A performance shortboard rocker with relaxed ends a bit to enhance paddle and glide through flat spots, moderate-volume, high-performance rail with a little extra foam to the deck side of the apex. It is a free and forgiving rail yet still easy to set into turns. The chine towards the tail reduces the wetted width and provides a little extra squirt out of turns. Slight single concave through the majority of the board generates the speed, with some vee off of the tail to keep the wide block loose and responsive. Ride it 3 – 5 inches smaller than your regular board.