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LS/FF Shorties Shootout!

LS/FF Shorties Shootout!

London Surf / Film Festival x Reef Shorties go live: 95 minutes of the very best short films

The nights are drawing in and a cruel west wind is whipping up the line ups. Just in time to stoke the fires for the season ahead, London Surf / Film Festival has unleashed the longlist for the 7th Edition LS/FF x REEF Shorties, the hotly contested ‘homegrown filmmaking’ category at the heart of this international festival.

19 short films from the very cream of British & Irish filmmaking talent have made the grade, delivering some 95 minutes of surf inspiration on the LS/FF site. Showcasing every aspect and angle of surfing from surf action, comedy, animation, sick edits, narrative and soundscapes, to travelogues and documentary filmmaking, these short films represent a journey around all corners of the UK and Irish shorelines.

London Surf / Film Festival needs help in selecting The Shorties to be screened at this year’s festival so are asking you – the esteemed surfing community – to support your favourite films by watching and voting for them.

“We founded The Shorties in 2011 to showcase the wealth of creativity and the unique surf culture that exists on our shores,” says London Surf / Film Festival Director Demi Taylor. “This year’s entries certainly do that – we’ve had some awesome submissions from established, emerging and student creatives. We’re asking the surf community to get involved, to spread the word and support independent filmmaking.”

Voting is open now and will run until midnight 24th September. Check out the longlisted entries at and cast your votes.

The shortlist is decided by a combination of votes cast by the surf community and votes cast by the screening panel . The selected films will be shown on the big screen as part of the 7th Annual London Surf / Film Festival x Reef, 19 – 21 October Regent St Cinema, 22 – 26 popping up across the capital. Bringing to the UK the best surf films from around the globe – documentaries to inspire, travelogues to stir up the wanderlust and cutting edge action to blow minds, London Surf / Film Festival is celebration of the cream of international surf culture.

Yago Dora … Mentawais.

Yago Dora … Mentawais.

Yago Dora drops another banger…

It was a family vibe kinda trip, I had my dad, Leandro Dora, Pedro Barros and his dad André, and Léo Kakinho who’s also a very good friend of us and one legend of skateboarding in Brazil. We spent 9 days on the Macaronis Resort which is really nice, and we were lucky enough to score Green Bush for my first time ever… together with fun Maccas and Roxys. We all had one of the best trips of our lives, surf all day long, and we got very sunburnt. – Yago Dora

Footage: Leandro Dora, Victor Cestari and Conrado Lage.
Music: Cold Street
Band: The Cegus
Editing: Leandro Dora

Kelly Slater’s Pool and ‘The Test’…

Kelly Slater’s Pool and ‘The Test’…

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So the dust has settled in Lemoore. The WSL crew have taken the first step into the man-made future and surfing will never be the same again. The elite crew had a ball behind the closed doors of Kelly’s Californian pool. No surf media were present. Which is a little chilling. And like most I’ve mixed feelings on the whole deal.

On one hand the wave itself is incredible. Now we’ve had a better look it’s borrowed, fairly heavily it seems, from a certain European manufacturer’s initial design, but turned it up to 11. The subtle plough under the pontoon replaced with the lovechild of a World War I British tank and the Flying Scotsman. The lights must dim in Lemoore every time it choo choos down the track. Mad as it is, it does produce the first insane, long, barrelling wave that makes most folks, apart from Indo residents, look at their local forlornly. You can’t not want to have a go. Whether you’ll do three turns, pull in, couple of turns, pull in, air on the end section remains to be seen.

The flip side is, as noted by Trav at What Youth, it’s all a bit ‘elite country club’. Surfing, once you’ve ponied up the grand for a decent suit and board (yes there is a hint of irony there) is free. The ocean is endlessly variable and free to ride whenever you please. The fake future won’t be. The urge from the WSL to have a controllable arena not subject to the whims of weather and event windows where many expensive staff can twiddle their thumbs getting day rate for a week before a wave is ridden makes sense. For the masses ‘popping for a surf’ seems unlikely at Kelly’s modern version of the pleasure dome. Unless you’re paying a pretty price. And building one of these things anywhere near you won’t be cheap.

In skating and snowboarding half pipes are fun and where crazy shit goes down but, and I’ve not done any scientific research on this, I’m sure most of our sliding brethren are more excited by travel and sliding down a bloody big mountain or exploring the vast terrain of a new city rather than be stuck in video game mode in the pipe. It’s a facet of those sports but it’s not the whole deal.

I’ll end with a quote from the WSL article, linked below, from Rab. The question remains what would you rather see … Fiji, Tahiti or Lemoore? I fear pure cost will mean more of the latter, less of the former.

“This is the future,” said Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew. Buggs, for those who don’t remember, was not only the 1978 World Champion, but they man who served as the world tour director during the reformation years of mid-90s. It was he who willed the Dream Tour schedule to life, shedding the calendar of its long list of crappy-wave venues in favor of exotic reefs and points like Fiji, Tahiti, G-Land and J-Bay. The logistics of that effort were massive, but the effort elevated the game to new heights.
“Surfing is now ready for the next step, and the ability to dial up perfection anywhere at anytime changes the game even more.”

See more here

"I just walked into the future" – @stephaniegilmore | #TheTest @kswaveco (Swipe ➡️)

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This just happened 😮 @john_john_florence @kswaveco #TheTest

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What?! 😮 @filipetoledo #TheTest | @kswaveco

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WSL Crew Head to Kelly’s Wave Pool?

WSL Crew Head to Kelly’s Wave Pool?

This is insane!!!!

Pubblicato da Antonio Navarro su Domenica 17 settembre 2017

Caio Ibelli and a wave from the remodelled Kelly wave… Sections to whack and barrels. Certainly looks insane. As for the guy on the ski giving ‘motivational’ help. Let’s just hope that concept does not catch on.

Word is the top flight WSL crew are there now ready for the first toe dip in the water of a WSL wave pool event in modern times. Supposedly happening Tuesday (US time) but won’t be live as obvs with reset times and kinks to iron out it might be too much of a yawn to watch live. We await the edited highlights with interest, and spare a thought for the judges … how the hell they’re supposed to pick apart rides this long from John, Jordy, Medina,Toledo, Steph and co?!?

The wave pool wars are coming to a head soon, will Webber’s pool ever see the light of day? Will a scaled up WaveGarden Cove deliver the promise it shows? Can Kelly’s pool generate enough waves to make them commercially feasible? We’ll see…